2" TC x 12" Inline Sanitary Filter Assembly - PATENT PENDING
filter shown here with 1" hose barbs

2" TC x 12" Inline Sanitary Filter Assembly - PATENT PENDING

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Inline Filters keep liquids contained and are perfect for filtering paint, oils, honey, water, soaps, and much more. They are easy to clean and maintain. Inside is a 100% stainless steel filter cartridge that is removable, washable, and are easily replaced. PATENT PENDING

12" Inline Sanitary Filter Assembly

Filter specifications:

We have a wide range of stainless steel mesh to fit your needs.

-5 & 15 micron - used for extremely fine filtering.

-43, 74, & 100 micron - perfect for cold brew coffee and teas.

-120, 149, 177 & 234 micron - typically used for herbal oil extraction

-300 micron - great for capturing pellet hops

-400 micron - great for capturing whole leaf hops

-600+ micron - typically used for thicker substances such as oils and paints

What’s Included

(1) 1 ¾” x 11” long stainless steel filter

(1) 2” x 12” long solid tri-clamp spool

(2) 2” tri-clamps

(2) 1” or ½” hose barb to 2” tri-clover fittings

(1) Split Tri-clover Gasket

(1) Uncut Tri-clover Gasket

Gasket Options

Buna is designed to have a resistance to oil, hydrocarbons, and chemicals.  It is readily used in the brewing world, as well as in the crude oil and petrochemical industries. Buna has a temperature rating of -40 to +212 Fahrenheit.

Viton is designed to handle strong acids, petroleum products, solvents, and oils.  It is not recommended for use with hydrocarbons, ketones, and steam. Viton has a temperature rating of +5 to +400 Fahrenheit.

MAY TAKE APPROX 2-3 WEEKS TO BUILD AND SHIP. Orders are custom made as they come in and during peak times, these times can be extended.

Please contact us for additional or replacement gaskets.

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