30" Dry Hopper for Fermenter or Bright Tank
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30" Dry Hopper for Fermenter or Bright Tank

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30" Dry Hopper for Large Vessel or Bright Tank

These dry hop filters are great for holding hops, coffee or other flavor imparting items inside a large vessel. They come in 2 different micron sizes: 300 or 400 (see options to select size). We recommend the 300 (pelletized hops) and 400 (leaf hops) to brewers.  Each dry hopper measures approximately 2 5/8” in diameter and comes with a threaded top cap and hook for easy removal. These keg style dry hoppers are made from 100% stainless steel, are easy to clean, and are hand fabricated right here in the USA.

When using to dry hop with pellet hops, we recommend filling this vessel up half way. In our experience, this comes up to approximately 25 oz of pelletized hops. You can certainly put more hops in the container if you choose, but keep in mind that both pellet hops and whole leaf hops will expand. If you were to pack the vessel to the brim, this expansion will likely cause the hops in the center of the vessel to not be in contact with your beer.

Filling up any of our dry hoppers too much will result not only in poor utilization, but also a vessel that is difficult to clean and should probably be soaked if not boiled to remove caked on hop particles.

If you would like to use this vessel for coffee making, please contact us here.

Once this is available, we recommend filling the container no more than 75% to allow for expansion of ground coffee. In our experience, this amounts to roughly 26 oz of coffee. Keep in mind that as a general rule more darkly roasted coffee will expand more. The theory here is that the darker the roast the more moisture has been removed from the beans. Therefore, you may be able to put more coffee into the container when using lighter roasts.


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