80 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket
80 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket

80 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket

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This item comes with the lid drilled for a thermometer to be inserted. Please select the correct option if you do not want the lid drilled.
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80 qt Brew in a Basket Combo Kettle and Basket

Have you been wanting to move beyond extract brewing, but have been scared off by the cost, complexity, and additional equipment? Perhaps you simply don't have the space to store 3 vessels? This Brew in a Basket or BIABasket is the solution you have been waiting for all this time. Not only is this vessel larger than our 10 and 15 gallon models, but the pot itself is a much better quality, induction ready with a 1/4" thick tri-clad bottom for more even heat distribution.

This is for the brewer who isn't messing around. Why make 5 gallons when more beer takes roughly the same amount of time?

  • Brew Kettle Specs:

– 20 Gallon, 80 Quart Capacity

– 20.5? Diameter x 16? Tall

– Large Looped Handles For Easy Lifting

– 304 Stainless Steel Construction

--Lid is drilled to insert a thermometer (included, but not shown in picture). Please select the option for no drilled lid and thermometer if you do not want this

--Induction ready

--1/4" thick tri-clad bottom (an aluminum core sandwiched between two layers of stainless steel!)

  • Brew-In-A-Basket Specs:

400 Micron Side & Bottom Stainless Mesh (300 also available, 74/100 micron for cold brew coffee available here)

– 18.5" Diameter x 14" Tall

– (4) 1" Heavy Duty Feet with rubber feet with silicone pads feet to prevent scratching

– (4) Side Supports, 2 With Hooks

– Hooks Set At 6? Up From Bottom Of Filter Feet

– Cross Brace Bottom Support

– U-Shaped BIAB Draining Support

– 304 Stainless Steel Construction

  • OPTIONAL Press Plate:

– 304 Stainless Steel Construction, 16 gauge

– fits into diameter of interior of basket (plate is approximately 1/2" to 3/4" smaller than interior width) to press liquids out of grain.



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