About Us

Arbor Fabricating is a company in Southeast Michigan that specializes in stainless steel mesh and perforated filters.  We make products for home brewing, coffee, and nearly any industry that may require filters...which is just about everyone.  Our beginnings were more focused: we began as a biodiesel equipment manufacturer.  When we purchased pre-filters made by companies in the industry, we were disappointed by the products available.  The plastic ones, while cheap to buy, broke too easily and many of the metal ones weren't much better in function.

We finally made our own and have been fine tuning them ever since.

In a world where product obsolescence and cheap materials and builds are the driving force to turning a profit, we pride ourselves in being old school and rejecting the modern day paradigm of widget making.

We are well aware that the competition sells products that look a lot like ours but that are priced cheaper.  These same products are also low in quality and life expectancy, sold by shortsighted people who will be happy to sell you another as soon as the last one fails.

We make what you would otherwise likely not find.

We make things to make things easier.

And we do it right here in the USA by the hands of skilled craftspeople working for a family-owned business.

When you need a quality filter for a job done right the first time, Arbor Fabricating has what you need!

Thanks again for visiting our store and we look forward to serving you in the future.