Sintered Media / Super Filters

The super filter assembly is amazing. It will filter down to extremely small micron levels. This super filter combines a set of three sintered media filtering discs contained within a 6” tri-clamp assembly to filter your materials with the finest filtration ratios.

The assembly consists of the following:

- (3) 6" Tri-clamp 316L Stainless Sintered Media Filtering Discs (from 0.1 to 100 micron)
- (3) 6" Tri-clamp Viton Split Gaskets (for filtering discs)
- (3) 6" Tri-clamps
- (2) 6" x 1 1/4" Tri-clamp mini spools
- (2) 6" Tri-clamp Domes with 2" Tri-clamp Ends
- (2) 2" Tri-clamps
- (2) 2" Tri-clamp hose barbs (1/2" & 1")

What Is Sintered Media?

Sintered Media is an extremely strong media that begins as a stainless steel powder. The powder is then molded and pressed into a thin cake-like material where it is exposed to extreme heat to form it into a thin flat plate of material that's extremely strong but is still porous.

The key to sintered media is in the stainless steel powder used to form itIt has tiny beads that are a certain micron size. When molded and pressed together and then exposed to heat, the powder creates a thin plate with pores in the material. It ends up as the same thickness as the beads they began with.

Why Use Sintered Media?
Typical small micron stainless steel mesh requires a larger micron mesh backer to give it strength. Otherwise, when exposed to extremely high pressure, it can have a blowout and need to be replaced. With Sintered Media being thicker and more rigid, it can withstand a fair amount of pressure compared to the stainless steel mesh of the same micron level and less prone to blowouts.

Having the finer micron level in a sturdy disc makes for easier production and even faster in some cases such as cannabis production, water filtration, beverage production and so much more!

Click below to see how the nominal filtration grades are found:


Sintered Media Options
Sintered Filtering Media is available in 0.1, 0.2, 0.5, 2, 5, and 10 micron levels.

Sintered Media Filtering Discs and Recommended Applications
We can fabricate sintered media filtering discs for most tri-clamp sizes. Once the micron of your choice is cut into a disc to fit your tri-clamp fittings, we then can add a split gasket to the disc for it to be installed into your tri-clamp assembly. We do highly recommend a space on either side of the sintered filtering media discs in your assembly. This allows optimum flow through the entire assembly and also helps prevent early plugging of the filtering disc. We also recommend that if you’re placing the sintered media filtering disc on the end of your tri-clamp assembly that you cap it with a domed fitting to allow adequate space behind the disc for whatever you’re filtering to pass unobstructed. 

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